Digital Innovation Hub

Digital Innovation Hub

The Digital Innovation Hub is an ecosystem in which players, resources and skills can be pooled to promote the general digital evolution of the country system.

EDI facilitates the creation of dialogue spaces between large companies, startups and SMEs, the public and private finance system, the university and research system, local, national and international institutions and stakeholders dealing with innovation.

In this way, EDI becomes the transmission belt of innovation to businesses, encouraging participation in national and European tenders, finding resources, coordinating projects that have an impact on individual territories.


To companies by supporting them with skills, know-how, technologies, new business models for the management of change processes and adaptation to new markets.

To the University and Research System in order to identify new technological and organizational solutions, to promote the experimentation of new models of technology transfer.

To the players of the “Enterprise 4.0” network for the purpose of implementing the strategy defined in the National Plan: Competence Centers, PID, I4.0 Technology Transfer Centers.

To large companies that can benefit from the development of an innovation-oriented SME ecosystem and can support their development.

To strategic players at national and international level.

Projects overview

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Digital Innovation Hub europei

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